Friday, September 30, 2005

Google Tutorials

I found a recent tutorial for teachers who want to learn how to use Google features beyond simple searches. It's a podcast posted on THWT Edublogger. Do you know of any other tutorials specifically designed for teachers? If so, please add a comment and link.

Google Map in the Social Studies Classroom

Tim Wilson posted this idea for social studies classrooms on the ed-Tech Insider blog in April. Add other ideas for social studies lessons as comment to this post.

Google Earth: U.S. State Capitols

Here's a very recent posting in the Google Earth Community related to teaching state capitols.

Google Definitions: Cross Curricular

A high school teacher recently reported that one of his students told him she uses Google Definitions during class lectures. Apparently it's a school where they have a student laptop initiative going and the kids have wireless access throughout campus. Whenever one of her teachers uses a term that's unfamiliar to her, she Googles the definition on the spot!